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    RE: Noisy tenant

    Posted in: General Discussion

    I too am having a similar problem with noise from a tenant.  I'm very NEW to this process and would like to get it right the first time around. Can the 10 day notice to comply be delivered by me or is this something I need to hire out.  Thanks. ------------------------------ ...

  • Posted in: General Discussion

    Robert, Yes, you are correct under First-In-Time in Seattle, you can't waive a rental criteria.  I confirmed this with Mike Chin of Seattle Office for Civil Rights.  Very oddly, in Friday's court hearing the attorney for the city stated that owners ...

  • Posted in: General Discussion

    Susan, Good luck contacting Dish, we tried and they refused to speak to us as we were not the account owner. We had the tenant (the account owner) sign a release and they still played games like putting me on hold indefinitely.  Eventually I got to speak ...

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