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  • Posted in: General Discussion

    Hi Everyone, Legislative Day is fast approaching! Anyone interested in finding/offering a carpool down to the event should post in this thread so that folks can find a ride down to Olympia. We will meet at 10:00am on the North Diagonal Lawn of the ...

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  • Posted in: General Discussion

    I had tenants do the same thing to me last Spring. I did not report them to a collection agency because I thought that I needed a court judgement. If that is not the case, I would like to report them. I know their new address. If I can submit the debt ...

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    Rent Increase

    Posted in: General Discussion

    Hi everyone, I have tenants in my rental home and their lease ends at the end of March.  I'm thinking of raising their rent.  I want to confirm that I don't need to give them notice because they are not on a month-to-month agreement.  Also is there ...

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