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    service dog

    Posted in: General Discussion

    I have a furnished apartment in a building where it is stated that we don't accept pets. I have someone wishing to stay with a emotional support animal. I understand that I have to allow them to stay but the issue is that the 'emotional support' animal ...

  • Posted in: General Discussion

    Give Izzy a call.  He is one of the best I have had in my very long career.   Izzy Meraz  DNA Plumbing  425-583-2692 ------------------------------ Kurt Kreager Coldwell Banker Danforth Bellevue WA ------------------------------

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    push button door locks

    Posted in: General Discussion

    We are wondering if the coded push button locks are useful for apartment rentals. Is there a way to make a master code like a master key or is it better to use regular dead bolt locks with a master key. Thanks, Lynda ott

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